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PreActive (Santa Barbara Citrus) - 10 Servings
PreActive (Santa Barbara Citrus) - 10 Servings
PreActive (Santa Barbara Citrus) - 10 Servings
PreActive (Santa Barbara Citrus) - 10 Servings

PreActive (Santa Barbara Citrus) - 10 Servings

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Energy for movement drink mix

Looking for a clean and refreshing energy boost? Look no further than Voli's PreActive formula!

  • Provides an ENERGY BOOST without the crash
  • Contains ELECTROLYTES to help keep you HYDRATED during any physical activity
  • Contains amino acids that help PREVENT FATIGUE
  • Perfect for use during workouts or daily tasks
  • Voli is everything you need, and nothing you dont

Give it a try and feel the difference for yourself!

Voli Energy Drink
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B Vitamins + Caffeine

Our blend of B Vitamins and caffeine is specifically formulated to give you a smooth energy feeling without the crash. It will help boost your mood and kickstart your workout.

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The electrolytes included in every stick of Voli help your muscles intake water and keep you hydrated throughout your workout. Say goodbye to muscle cramps!

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Amino Acids

The amino acids that we include specifically help to increase healthy bloodflow through your body and bring oxygen to your muscles. This helps to prevent fatigue and lets you maximize your output.


I'm the type of person that wants the most out of life. If I'm going to do anything, I'm going to do it well. Meet my new secret weapon, Voli. Real energy, clean energy.

Testimonial Voli Healthy Energy Drink
Maggie Q - Actress, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, @maggieq

This is my favorite energy drink to take before my training. This is not your typical energy drink that is going to leave you feeling jittery or make you feel itchy. This is just clean smooth energy. I highly recommend checking out Voli.

Voli review by Blake Houston
Blake Houston - Holistic Health Coach, @holisticb_ing

Voli helps me get through my training sessions on a daily basis and even helps when its time to cut weight for a fight. There are no jitters and it tastes amazing.

Voli testimonial Vlad Panin
Vlad Panin - Professional Boxer, @superbadvlad

Sometimes the biggest hurdle of all is just getting started.


Voli PreActive contains 100mg of caffeine, the same amount as a cup of coffee (8oz)

Voli is best kept in a cool and dry place like the pantry or kitchen. Our PreActive will clump if left in the sun so be sure to store it where it can stay cool.

No, Voli PreActive is a cleaner alternative to pre-workout that is free of itchy face and harsh chemicals. It has a fraction of the amount of caffeine and no unwanted stimulants.

With Voli PreActive, you will not experience a crash like most other energy drinks. Our minimal caffeine content and natural ingredients provide sustained energy that lasts for hours.

No, our PreActive is designed to give your body the boost it needs before exercise without the jitters.

Voli PreActive is sweetened with Stevia rather than other alcohol sugars.

Voli PreActive is not only delicious and easy to mix, it is stomach friendly. We formulated our PreActive with Stevia rather than traditional alcohol sugars, like sucralose, because we wanted to keep your stomach happy.

The best time to take Voli PreActive is 15-20 minutes before your activity of choice with cold water.

Our Promise

Voli Wellness guarantees to give you the cleanest energy drink possible for all your activities, all while being the most refreshing and delicious healthy energy drink you've ever had. If you aren't absolutely delighted with our Voli products, we insist that you tell us and we will refund your money back. See our refund policy for details.