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Maggie Q

Actress, Philanthropist, Fitness Enthusiast

In my journey to holistic health, it's rare to find a product where I can genuinely say I trust every ingredient on the label. Voli Hydration, with its unique blend of bioavailable electrolytes and trace minerals, is not just another drink mix to me. It's a delicious testament to nature's power, and it aligns perfectly with my dedication to my overall well-being.

Dr. David Luu, M.D.

Longevity Expert and Pediatric Heart Surgeon

In the realm of longevity medicine, maintaining optimal hydration and electrolyte balance is paramount. Voli's unique blend, harnessing superfoods like aquamin, Irish Sea Moss, Coconut water, and Himalayan pink salt, offers not just hydration but a step towards sustained well-being. For those committed to a life of vitality, Voli is a natural choice.

Sofia Boutella


Voli Hydration has been a lifesaver for me on set. I'm able to stay focused and perform at my best, especially when I'm working long hours and in hot conditions. I also love that Voli Hydration is packed with superfoods like aquamin, irish sea moss, coconut water, and himalayan pink salt. These ingredients help me recover quickly and keep my body feeling its best.

Phil Ivey

Professional Poker Player

As a professional poker player, I need to be at my best every day. That means staying hydrated and focused. Voli Hydration is my favorite electrolyte drink mix because it's the best tasting, healthiest option on the market. It has no added sugar and is only 5 calories, but it's packed with superfoods like aquamin, irish sea moss, coconut water, and himalayan pink salt. These ingredients help me stay hydrated and energized, so I can perform at my peak.

Vlad Panin

Professional Boxer

In the boxing world, endurance is key. With Voli Energy, not only do I get smooth, clean energy without the jitters, but I also feel like I can train and spar for hours on end without slowing down. It's become an essential part of my prep for every match and training session.

Ronis Gracie

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 3rd Degree Black Belt

As a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black belt at the highest level, I rely on Voli Energy for its 100mg of green tea caffeine and Voli Hydration for its perfect blend of electrolytes from superfoods. These products not only fuel my performance but also taste amazing, making them essential in my training on and off the mats. Voli is the key to peak performance.

Blake Houston

Holistic Health Coach

As a health coach, I've always emphasized the importance of genuine, natural ingredients for optimal well-being. Voli Hydration is a game-changer in this space. Its blend of bioavailable electrolytes, sourced from superfoods like Aquamin, Irish Sea moss, and Himalayan pink salt, not only supports hydration but also tastes phenomenal. I recommend it to all my clients seeking a trustworthy hydration solution

You're (likely) Dehydrated

75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated.

2% fluid loss harms cognition and athletic performance.

Dehydration & electrolyte issues increase inflammation.

Dehydration lowers oxygen levels, causing low energy and fatigue.

Dehydration harms skin, causing wrinkles, dryness, and weakened barriers.


Supercharge Your Water

Adding essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients can optimize
your lifestyle. Supplementing your water can vastly:

✓ improve hydration and fluid absorption
✓ boost energy levels and athletic performance
✓ enhance cognitive function
✓ improve immune system
✓ reduce stress
✓ improve digestion
✓ protect skin and more


If you have to drink 8 glasses of water daily,
why not make each one count?


Why Voli?

Our Products Work

Our ingredients are meticulously researched through peer-reviewed studies and expert recommendations

Once we have identified the right ingredients, we put them through a rigorous R&D process to ensure that they are safe and effective

We are committed to providing customers with products that work, and we will keep doing it till we get it right

Fun Fact: We spent over 2 years formulating our energy product to make sure it produces clean, smooth energy without the jitters and crash.

Our Products are Healthy

No added sugar, no artificial sweeteners, and near zero calories

Non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free

We formulated our products with only safe and beneficial ingredients that we would use ourselves on a daily basis

Fun Fact: We’re the only company that uses 4 of nature's most-hydrating super foods (Aquamin, Irish Sea moss, Coconut water, and Pink Himalayan sea salt) as the primary source of electrolytes for our hydration products

Our Products Taste Amazing

Our products go through rigorous taste tests to ensure that they are delicious and appealing to a wide range of palates

We offer a money-back guarantee on all of our products because we are confident that you will love the taste

"Voli’s products are by far the best tasting on the market!  I really look forward to drinking it every single day!"
- Maggie Q
(Actress, Philanthropist, Fitness Enthusiast)

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